Free Diving

by Naomi on June 30, 2019

DSC_5273The salt mist was heavy in the early morning air, making my coffee taste even better as I made my way to the quiet beach in downtown Honolulu to embark on day 1 of my Freediving Course.

With anything new I have this nervous excitement that indicates I am about to depart from my comfort zone into a whole new world.

And when something feels like a giant YES, like this has, I dive in whole heartedly (pun intended). As I continued to the beach I got to meet my passionate but down to earth instructor and the small but mighty group that would have my back in the ocean and right there I knew I had signed up for the right course.

It turns out that Freediving is actually a part of our genetic code and all we were about to do today was activate it. Not by learning about it but by being educated to trust what our bodies know as we do it.

So powerful.

We were taught to trust the triggering of our mostly dormant , mammillary reflex…the same one mammals use in the ocean. Mind blowing, yet so intuitive.

Before I knew it I was trusting my body in 3 minute breath holds and coming to understand that continuing to relax through the ‘urge to breathe’ is like continuing to push up a hill when you are running and your legs fill with lactic acid….each time, you build capacity for more depth and longer time. (There are symptoms that you do look out for so you don’t blackout but the urge to breathe is not one of them).

All of this fascinates me because I can see the incredible parallel to what is happening in the world right now. Even though our humanity feels deeply unstable right now, I believe it is simply creating the conditions or ‘trigger’ to activate the genetic code of our Souls, for us to come to know ourselves as far greater than what we have been taught.

Today was a great reminder to trust the activation, even when it feels like the world inside us and all around us is falling apart…we are actually triggering a greater awareness and ability to build capacity for our own monumental potential.


by Naomi on June 30, 2019

IMG_9821Our Family jumped off the status quo train a few years ago, leaving behind a life that no longer lined up, and all the ideas, institutions, jobs and trappings that went with it.

We have radically shifted to become a family of life long learners, trusting our instincts to follow our inner stars. Our lives continue to change as we grow, having more freedom to let go over and over again to focus on what truly matters NOW.

For 10 years my personal growth was found in powerful conversations with small groups of amazing women. In these spaces I found the direction back to myself. I am forever grateful.

I now find my growth and greatest JOY blossoming in my simple life in Hawaii, nurturing myself, my family and a quaint property that welcomes people from all over the world. As I continue to simplify life, it now gives back to me in ways I cannot explain.

My life has gone from a grand vision, to exquisitely real, felt moments, from becoming to being, from longing to deep satisfaction. My inner circle has become smaller and my love for life greater.

My only business plan these days is SERENDIPITY.


The Work

by Naomi on June 30, 2019

DSC_1246For a long time I believed the most important ‘work’ I could do was outside my home. Now I know differently. THIS is it. This is truly the greatest impact I can have, at this point in my life. For me, for them and for the WORLD.

At the end of the day there is no praise, no accolades and no shout outs but I can look myself in the eyes and know I have made the difference in the lives of two humans and everyone they come in contact with.

‘Parenting’ is THE toughest, most beautiful ‘work’ I have ever done. Some moments I love and some drop me straight to my knees.

We do not have perfect lives by a long shot but we are learning together that true resiliency does not come from fighting life out there, it comes when we turn to face ourselves in the midst of our greatest challenges and grow into a person we can love because of them.


Happy Birth-Day

by Naomi on June 30, 2019


As I head into my 41st year here on this beautiful blue dot, my birthday present to myself is to pause and reflect on my own incredible journey that has lead me to this very moment.

I have had, what I consider, some of the richest experiences with the most amazing people. I have created such great capacity for all of me to exist within, at the same time.

I have stayed true to myself through the ups and downs, the certainty and the doubts, abundance and scarcity, dreams coming true and failures. I have soared and I have fallen. I have grown babies in my body and birthed miracles, built businesses and let them go, held space for my own growth with others, created and been a part of Sisterhood, travelled the world, relocated across the globe and humbly stated over from scratch.

I have witnessed both birth and death, hurt and been hurt, supported and loved and allowed myself to be deeply loved. I have laughed so heartily and cried so hard that I thought my heart and soul would burst wide open. I have come to know myself even deeper through my experience of being woman, daughter, mother, wife, massage therapist, life coach, friend, animal lover, space holder, doula, writer and entrepreneur.

I know what it is to believe and doubt myself, resist and accept myself, love and hate myself, to take risks and to be cautious, to push through and give up on myself, to be uber confident and to have crippling fear, to live a lifestyle and to live a Life, to be open hearted and to protect myself, to rise and collapse in on myself, to feel the greatest joy and the deepest sorrow, to be both selfish and self-less, to remember who I AM and forget it all…in a breath.

All of this to arrive in this moment, face to face with a truth that I know will radically change the course of my life as I have known it.

I am taking my 41st year to simply live like it is my last.

I am retiring from what I know and what I have been taught about building a life to live at a later date. I am no longer building a business, a brand, or having my identity attached to what I ‘do’ for the long term.

The Year to Live program I thought I was offering to others this year has turned out to be the biggest invitation to myself!


The Story of My Soul

by Naomi on June 29, 2019

IMG_2599I came here with infinite potential…

with a finite story written into my flesh

and etched into my bones,

as a sometimes painful reminder for when I strayed from it.

Lineage. Loyalty. Bloodlines. Family. Culture. Habits. Patterns. Outer Safety.

I was told who I should be,

how I should be,

before I had a choice.


I spent a lifetime going along

or fighting a story that was never written for me.

Until I realized

a different story awaited…

My journey to freedom began.

Each time I bumped up against the tight, small, worn out story line

that had eventually become the oh so familiar

harsh voice in my head,

I chose to rewrite my story.

Instead of the frantic search outside,

I journeyed inward.

I began to hear the whisper of a different voice,

one that carried a different vibration…

then much of the world around me.

I lay my ear to my own body and listened.

Softly. Deeply. Gently. With Grace.

I intuitively knew there was something written much deeper,

etched into my dormant DNA, that told a different story.

The Story of my Soul.

It was never intended to be a scripted story with an outcome.

It is infinite and meant to be written as I live and experience LIFE.

My Story now sings louder and with more grace,

then the chaos of an old story that fights to hold me in check.

And when I go beyond the content of my life

I touch a tender, sweet spot,

where an activation older than time happens

that demands a different YES.

An inner YES.

A cosmic YES.

Photo Credit  Nancy Bell


She Came Undone

by Naomi on June 4, 2019


Sometimes the responsibility we hold for the world

and everyone around us

is meant to dissolve,

even if just for a moment.

Sometimes the seams of our lives and the world are

meant to come undone.

An undone where nothing is known

except the feeling of being

on the cusp.

Let the bottom fall out.

Trust there is something waiting

as we stop holding on.

Make way for the next LEAP.

So ‘let go’ whispers that voice inside.

You cannot get it wrong.

Stop trying to figure it out.

Stop and breathe

between what was

and what is yet to come.

The unknown has it’s own


It’s own heartbeat.

The time has come to

surrender to the next




Dear Daughter

by Naomi on October 15, 2016




















Dear Daughter. I look at you in this picture and I see your knowing that goes beyond the horizon. Go BOLDLY in the direction of your knowing and let no one stand between you and the shaping of your world. I have your back.

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A Circle of Reciprocity

by Naomi on August 15, 2016




I feel the circle,
both being in it and of it,
first for myself, then with each of you. 
Holding and being held.
Listening and being heard.
Sharing and receiving.
Loving and being loved.
Cherishing and being cherished.
Inviting and being invited.
A space with great intention,
without expectation,
without judgement,
where we each call to our own greatness
and hold space to move beyond limitations
at the same time.

Courageously call your circle and
boldly be a part of others.

Interconnect them and
you will see the Flower of Life


Our Children are the Future

by Naomi on August 15, 2016



This boy
His adventurous and wondrous Spirit for the world is contagious
His open heart and strong will makes him a force of Creation
His passion will spark your own
His innocence interconnects all life
He makes me smile


Facing MySelf

by Naomi on August 15, 2016



IMG_7644For so many years I faced the World.

I faced the coma. I faced who I was told to be. I fought it. I hid from it. I went along with it. I found it easier. I found it harder. I committed to the realness being ‘out there’. I showed up. I ran. I struggled to change it. I committed to making a difference. My default was my intellect and a process of trying to figure it out. I looked for validation to know I was headed in the right direction. I loved the world. I hated the world. I was overwhelmed by my smallness. I was overwhelmed by my bigness. I managed everything to feel in control and created within my comfort zone. I was committed to a world where everything lived ‘out there’! 

For the past 8 years I have committed to turning to face myself

I have faced my stories/lies. I have faced my truth. I have hid from it all. I have fought it. I have went along with it. I have found it easier. I have found it harder. I have committed to realness being something that only exists in this now and only belongs to me. I have shown up for me and only me. I have run from me. I have committed to making a difference first in my inner world. I have come to know I am the only one to validate my inner knowing. I have loved myself. I have hated myself. I have remembered. I have forgotten. I have been overwhelmed in my states of smallness. I have been overwhelmed in my states of feeling so fucking massive and powerful that fully surrendering to my body becomes the only way. I have committed to Creating my Life. I have run from creating my life. I KNOW turning to face myself is the right direction for me AND fuck this powerfully alive inner state has been more rewarding then the alternative of turning away from myself, powerlessly gazing out into the coma!

Each breath we take we are choosing an inner or outer context (face ourselves where we hold the power and responsibility to shape reality or face the world where it holds the power to shape us).

Go boldly in the direction of yourself!