Wake Up to Your Wild Truth


4 Week Online Experience For Women

We know when we stand under a great oak tree that it exists because the life force inside a tiny acorn burst through its husk to manifest its own true, wild design.

What if we knew that we are designed for that same kind of magnificent expansion: Would we invite ourselves to take the journey, to break through the shell of cultural conditioning so we could emerge into the fullest expression of ourselves?

This experience invites you to get in touch with your deepest, wildest self — that pulsing at your majestic core that drives your creativity and powers your life. It shows women how to reclaim their life force by allowing the edges that confine them to dissolve.

Daily emails, weekly conversations

Spark the emergence of your own wild truth by learning how to explore your internal landscape, listen deeply to your body’s wisdom, and shed history and habits without getting caught up in a storm of stories about them.

Daily emails lay the groundwork for a new way of being, acting as regular reminders of who you are and what you want from this life. Rooted in safety and spaciousness, you will engage in powerful weekly conversations with like-minded women — as you learn to trust your body and become grounded in the meaning and joy that are your birthright.

A template for expansion

These four weeks are the entry point to a larger world of conversations that exist within the Ecosystem of Evolution. Together, they invite women to continue pressing beyond the edges of their previous limitations and unleash lives of boundless potential.

This experience is for you if:

You want to cultivate a gentle and generous way of being with yourself
You crave conversations that create meaningful change in your life
You want to release internal compression and soften into effortless expansion

This is an entry-level experience. Women who are already engaged in these enlivening conversations might be more interested in the 7-week Rise Unafraid and the yearlong Choose a Life of Your Own Design experiences.

Date: Daily Emails will begin on July 7th, 2021 and online calls will take place on July 14, July 21st, July 28th, August 4th at 6 pm EST.

Price: $299 USD (includes taxes)

 To Register: Click here to confirm your spot and to arrange an email money transfer or to request to pay by credit card.

1603073485Quantum TLC™

A Step by Step Guide

This experience will give you a deep understanding of Quantum TLC™, a way to find that deep connection, allowing us to take our attention inside as it creates expansion, insights and opens up new choices for living more fully. Download the eBook for free to begin exploring this powerful way of living. Click here to download your free copy.