CD- Thoughts On…Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth

by Naomi on September 18, 2013

CD- Thoughts On...Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth

Intimacy, Birth and Rebirth moves easily and effortlessly through the territory of what causes so many to feel uncomfortable and unsure. In conversation with Louise, Naomi shares her own journey of personal discovery, along with its challenges and insights; and speaks to her deep commitment to engage with other women that they might find their voice, knowing that they are not alone.

A woman profoundly committed to her own Self-Evolution, Naomi is a trained Registered Massage Therapist, Doula, Yoga Instructor and a Certified CODE Model Coach™. She is the owner of Renew Massage Therapy Clinic in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Naomi’s passion lies in facilitating unique experiences for individuals and groups seeking to discover a new way to ‘be’ along the path to their Authentic Self. Her presence brings a sense of safety and intimacy to all conversations, massage therapy treatments, meditation and yoga experiences. A contributing author to Guardians of the Vision: Parenting for the Birthright of Potential, she is committed to developing a different awareness and conversation around conception, birthing and parenting; as well as rebirth of the Authentic Self.

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