Rise Unafraid


7 Week Online Group Experience For Women


When a volcano erupts, sending molten lava down its slopes and toward the ocean, it creates chaos and confusion in its path. Upon reaching the sea, that fiery, destructive force transforms into land, a foundation for new life.

Just as Gaia changes her landscape, you also have the power to collapse or expand your own internal landscape — a dynamic that is determined by your choices.

Daily emails, weekly conversations

In this 7-week experience, take what you learned in Wake Up to Your Wild Truth and apply that inner wisdom to a framework that exponentially accelerates your personal evolution. You will explore your inner landscape through The CODE Model™, which simply and powerfully demonstrates how your body responds to the energetic life force that animates it.

Each day begins with an email exploring a new layer of The CODE Model™, accompanied by empowering video and audio clips as well as catalyzing questions to take into your day. Each week, you will share what you’ve discovered with a group of women on this same life-altering journey.

This experience is for you if:

You’ve tasted your potential and want more of your life back
You crave enlivening, safe conversations that lead to massive growth
You are no longer willing to stand on the sidelines of your own life

If you are new to these conversations, you might consider participating first in the 4-week Wake Up to Your Wild Truth experience.

Date: TBA

Price: $399 USD (includes taxes)

To Register: Click here to confirm your spot and to arrange an email money transfer or to request to pay by credit card.