by Naomi on July 9, 2017




Being in the space
of my dark truth
without the knowing
of my soul
is like
breathing without oxygen
and trying to find my way
without light.

Being in the knowing of my
without the depth
of my truth
is like talking
about something
as if it’s not there
when all along it has been
right in front of me
with it’s arms outstretched
to be held.

Today in the most
rugged and ragged
of places and spaces
I have the courage
to bring it all together.

Lighting my darkness.

Allowing my soul

to be the crucible

for my fiery truth.

Holding while being held.


Dear Daughter

by Naomi on October 15, 2016



















Dear Daughter. I look at you in this picture and I see your knowing that goes beyond the horizon. Go BOLDLY in the direction of your knowing and let no one stand between you and the shaping of your world. I have your back.

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Spirit Touching Tissue

by Naomi on August 15, 2016




I was feeling it ALL day yesterday
A deep agitation
A searing restlessness
At first I made it about my kids
Our upcoming move
Then technology
I made myself busy
Then I stopped
Put it all down
The stories
The blame
I entered into the space where it lived…
where I LIVE and have the power to shift
from external to internal
I could feel the crackle of anxiousness
throughout my whole body
I tingled with an agitation
that I wanted to turn away from
I turned to face it and feel it all
For far too many years the fuse has been lit
only to be put out before it reached the stick of dynamite.
I was told and believed I was dangerous
Today I followed the fuse throughout my body all the way down my legs 
and in that split second that I would normally put the spark out
I exploded inward
Spirit touching tissue
All that I had been holding tight came unbound
I touched the molten lava core of my existence
burning away more of who I am not
Revealing more of who I AM.
A Space of Creation opened
Space for…
More truth
More simplicity
More realness
More fierceness
More sensuality
More ME.


A Circle of Reciprocity

by Naomi on August 15, 2016




I feel the circle, 
both being in it and of it, 
first for myself, then with each of you. 
Holding and being held.
Listening and being heard.
Sharing and receiving.
Loving and being loved.
Cherishing and being cherished.
Inviting and being invited.
A space with great intention,
without expectation,
without judgement,
where we each call to our own greatness
and hold space to move beyond limitations
at the same time.

Courageously call your circle and 
boldly be a part of others.

Interconnect them and
you will see the Flower of Life


Our Children are the Future

by Naomi on August 15, 2016



This boy
His adventurous and wondrous Spirit for the world is contagious
His open heart and strong will makes him a force of Creation
His passion will spark your own
His innocence interconnects all life
He makes me smile


Facing MySelf

by Naomi on August 15, 2016


For so many years I faced the World. 

I faced the coma. I faced who I was told to be. I fought it. I hid from it. I went along with it. I found it easier. I found it harder. I committed to the realness being ‘out there’. I showed up. I ran. I struggled to change it. I committed to making a difference. My default was my intellect and a process of trying to figure it out. I looked for validation to know I was headed in the right direction. I loved the world. I hated the world. I was overwhelmed by my smallness. I was overwhelmed by my bigness. I managed everything to feel in control and created within my comfort zone. I was committed to a world where everything lived ‘out there’! 

For the past 8 years I have committed to turning to face myself

I have faced my stories/lies. I have faced my truth. I have hid from it all. I have fought it. I have went along with it. I have found it easier. I have found it harder. I have committed to realness being something that only exists in this now and only belongs to me. I have shown up for me and only me. I have run from me. I have committed to making a difference first in my inner world. I have come to know I am the only one to validate my inner knowing. I have loved myself. I have hated myself. I have remembered. I have forgotten. I have been overwhelmed in my states of smallness. I have been overwhelmed in my states of feeling so fucking massive and powerful that fully surrendering to my body becomes the only way. I have committed to Creating my Life. I have run from creating my life. I KNOW turning to face myself is the right direction for me AND fuck this powerfully alive inner state has been more rewarding then the alternative of turning away from myself, powerlessly gazing out into the coma!

Each breath we take we are choosing an inner or outer context (face ourselves where we hold the power and responsibility to shape reality or face the world where it holds the power to shape us). 

Go boldly in the direction of yourself!


Choose the Process

by Naomi on July 13, 2016



I woke this morning with an electrifying vibe coursing through my Being!

That’s the easy part to share but it would be skipping over the intimate, personal process that allowed me to arrive here.

What is not as easy to share is the intensely disappointed mess I found myself in a few days ago.

In the chaos of my inner state I could feel the lure of great despair that would as many times before…crush me and leave me helpless and hopeless about my life and the world.

On the other side of the same coin, I could hear the part of me that shouted ‘suck it up cupcake’!

Knowing that neither reaction was the direction I wanted to go, I stopped and stepped into the great inner wave, of tears and heaviness that was waiting to wash over me and redirect me.

The whisper from my Being was ‘do not abandon yourself’. So I stayed in the vast unknown with my intensely charged state…and continued to loosen my grip…surrendering within, so I could be redirected from a place of inner power, not inner struggle.

I did not put a time line on it. I did not need to involve anyone else, even when my stories screamed to lessen the intensity by making it about someone else.

This is my Life. My Creation. Mine to own or mine to dilute.

The journey never ends and it takes what it takes.

Photo: Todd Hill


Soul Food

by Naomi on July 12, 2016



I spent years hungering my own Soul
but walking around starving.
I was taught to feed myself empty calories…
the love, the ideas, the stories and the truths of others.
I was still starving
still seeking and longing to feel full.
My own truth, so foreign, it felt indigestible.
My Soul kept calling.
To meet it I knew I would first have to confront my own stories.
Confront all that had shaped me
and defined me…to myself.
I was scared but had an intense knowing that lead the way.
As the veil lifted and the stories crumbled
a space appeared…
The space of my Truth
A space to feed myself
and devour the rich, dense, hearty Soul Food that had been there all along.
My truth that had once been indigestible
became what sourced me and
Allowed me to look within.

Photo: Todd Hill

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by Naomi on July 4, 2016



If we do not engage our fiery agitation and allow it to break us open from the inside out, exploding Life like lava flowing from a volcano, we are lost to the despair that pulls us back in on ourselves, smothering the very flame that seeks to blaze a trail and carve out a meaningful direction for our lives.

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Soul On Fire

by Naomi on July 4, 2016

 Her Soul is on Fire…


She calls to those who hunger to know their own.

To those who run head first into their own fire, igniting an inner SPARK that cascades into a wildfire,

burning away all that is NOT Soul.

She knows her stories and your stories are the first to go, leaving a raw, naked to the bone space where awakened Presence lives and breathes Life.

Her fierce compassion reminds you of the love and respect you carry for yourself.

Her powerful grace reminds you to stop fighting, to soften and surrender to yourself, even as things die and come to an end.

Her unwavering trust reminds you to trust your own journey of becoming.

Her courageous commitment to herself invites you to stay true to your own.

Her willingness to unleash and flow the force of nature she is into the world welcomes you to do the same.

Her ability to navigate inner chaos reminds you it’s safe to rise in your own.

Her great passion compels you to act when all around you is complacency.

She allows the process of death for what was, to make room for the birth of what awaits…

ALL that IS Soul.



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