We Are Gaia

by Naomi on December 17, 2020

Gaia herself is a sentient “being” — and we in these earthly bodies are Gaia beings.

The following is an excerpt from Gaia.com.

Quite simply, Gaia is life. She is all, the very soul of the earth. She is a goddess who, by all accounts, inhabits the planet, offering life and nourishment to all her children. In the ancient civilizations, she was revered as mother, nurturer and giver of life. She goes by many names, but in an effort to better connect and understand this energy, let’s explore the myriad of forms in which she appears on Earth.

Every culture has their version of the Earth Goddess. The Greeks called her Gaia, while the Incas know her as PachaMama. In some cases, she predates writing: ancient, pre-linguistic references to her have been found, alongside shrines, statues and paintings of her in every corner of the globe. She is the first goddess, the primeval one, the creator of all life and the fullness of her legacy is still being resurrected after patriarchal suppression.

To the Greeks, Gaia was the ultimate goddess of raw, maternal power. In the beginning, there was chaos, nebulous ethers waiting to take form. This primordial landscape awaited direction; it’s then that the spirit of Gaia arrived to give structure to the formless and the Earth was conceived.

As the prevalence of gods and goddesses in the 19th and 20th centuries faded away, so did history books’ tales of female pharaohs, women scientists and amazon warriors. History is kept by the victors—and the victors are most often men. This left a void in collective consciousness and Gaia was relegated to mythology alone. With the convergence of feminism in the 1970s, all that changed when a groundbreaking pro-female establishment was founded, providing new understanding of how our planet operates.

In 1970, chemist James Lovelock and his research partner Lynn Margulis (the wife of Carl Sagan at the time) proposed that the earth is a living being, self-regulating the elements to sustain life on it. This revolutionary hypothesis was seen as heretical, but has since been accepted as fact; a theory, no longer a hypothesis.

Far beyond the mythological Gaia, the name has come to represent an all-loving, nurturing and intelligent cosmic force which oversees life on earth. The goddess traditions have worked tirelessly to resurrect the ancient teachings of the Great Mother and ensure her presence as a force of love on the planet. More than saving the planet or participating in Earth Day celebrations, we can treat every day like a ceremony. To be in a sincere connected relationship with Gaia, we must acknowledge her sundry gifts and be open to receive her wisdom.


Unmuting Our Magic

by Naomi on October 17, 2020



To My daughter, may you never forget you are Magic…

When I was a little girl I knew myself to be magic,
experiencing Life.

I saw it reflected back to me
as I roamed the forests,
watched the twinkle in the stars,
lay on my horses back in the fields,
conducting lightning storms with my fingers,
and in my mother’s eyes.

The natural world seemed to teach me that I belonged.
It reminded me where I came from,
that chaos was divine order
and that the change in seasons were as natural
as taking a breath in and out.

Then, the outer world crept in.

My inner natural and instinctual world became suffocated.

I decided it would be easier if
I pressed mute on my magical world.

I thought it was gone.

Years later, I woke with an intensity
that could compare to that of a hurricane.
I felt the chaos I had long forgotten
beginning to rise in me,
but I didn’t remember at first that it was divine.

I frantically searched for the magic outside myself,
attempting to create a life that would give me a taste
of the immensity I carried,
without ever needing to meet it inside.

One day, at the end of the search outside myself,
I found an experience and a process
that would invite me to unmute myself
and meet myself inside…

At first what came out
were all the things I had wanted to say while on mute,
all the heartbreaking truths that had been buried
and never witnessed by another soul,
about who I had come to know myself to be
while trapped inside a human body
in a world devoid of magic.

What followed were waves of intense awakening in my body,
and an unfurling of a place inside I had long forgotten.

Finally, when the inner storm subsided
and I had honored the elemental voice
that had been longing to come out from behind the double paned glass,
to be embraced.
My life became more than just trying to escape or numb the pain…
I began to remember.

At first it was simply a moment of remembering,
followed by two moments of remembering strung together,
until one day,

I was ready.

I unmuted my magic.

And experienced the beautiful, embodied, intensity of Life again.


Truth and Simplicity

by Naomi on October 17, 2020

For years I thought simplicity was an elusive notion that was to be chased but never actually found. The more I had tried to craft a simple life, the more it seemingly slipped through my fingers.

Then one day, a number of years ago, I stopped dancing around the edges of a truth I carried and instead courageously turned to face it, engaging in the life altering process of Quantum TLC™ for the first time.

Our truth powerfully roots us into ourselves

In 30 seconds the stories, the judgements, the noise, the confusion and all the drama I had created to keep myself from hearing what was real and true faded away. My life went from feeling complicated to simple in a few short breaths. I went from a sense of powerlessness to feeling empowered. I felt calm, clear and rooted for the first time in a long time. I felt like I had landed on the secret to creating a simple life. The courage to tell myself the truth.

Recently, Deborah Gleason and I began an experience, Choosing a Life of Your Design, with a small group of women who have committed to their inner growth every day for an entire year as the fuel for their greatest becoming.

There is no better way to deepen our relationship with ourselves than through the voices of others committed to their own truth, with the graceful courage to live it. Not because another’s experience is yours but because when the truth leaves our lips, a powerful energetic vibration ripples through our bodies and the space we share with others. It opens and reveals both our brilliance that has been hiding in plain sight, and our blindspots where we have become captive to old habits and beliefs.

Truth is powerfully simple and cuts through illusion. It is not tied to big complicated stories we construct and is often contained in 3 words or less.

*Choose yes
*Choose no
*I am done
*I let go
*I don’t know
*Not right now
*Stay quiet
*Go right
*Go left

What is the truth you carry that has been pressing to be heard inside of you?


Inner Wild

by Naomi on August 20, 2020


For the past few months I have had a longing to put on a backpack and head to a remote spot in the world with only the sounds of nature surrounding me (funny I know because I already live in one of the most remote areas in the world).

I know myself well enough to understand I was not longing to travel, I was simply seeking to connect to a part of me that can’t be found ‘out there’. How perfect that I couldn’t board a plane on a whim, as air travel seems like the least appealing thing to me right now.

With my backpack in the closet, I began to heed the invitation to listen closer for my inner wild. The wordless, but very visceral, primal nature of my Being. The one whose feet grows up through Gaia like lush roots and whose flesh is like morning dew. The one whose breath is hot and whose pulse beats strong. The one whose body births galaxies in her sleep. She was who I began to listen for…

Not surprisingly, after week 3 (activating the power center) of our Living Fully Through Conscious Choice experience, I woke this morning to an inner roar. That Elemental part of myself became a visceral surge from the depths of my Being rising to the surface, transforming all that was in its path in the most life giving way. It became immediately clear to me that this roar was not to fend off, protect, overcome or feverishly debate another to stand my ground as it would have been in the past…it was simply a powerful warm exhale of what has been long unfurling like an ancient wild fern, inviting me to expand even more into my own life. A conscious moment and a sweet surrender to the unmanaged jungle that is me, and I stepped deeper into my inner wild…my Sanctuary, my Home.

As we stand at the growing edge of our potential together, each in our own way, many of us are realizing that the shift we are searching for isn’t out there. The shift comes as we courageously turn to face ourselves, staying in the organic conversations inside while allowing ourselves to grow back into our wholeness and live life by our own design.

I have the great privilege of working with small groups of women recently and have noticed the glass ceiling has lifted. The barrier that has kept us from our true Selves is easily dissolved as we show up with ourselves and each other in deeply authentic ways!

I have also noticed we are not at all interested in resuscitating an old paradigm or who we have needed to be to occupy it. We are passionate about reconnecting to ourselves intimately, delicately and powerfully in a new paradigm. We no longer just sense our wildly majestic selves like a beacon far off in the distance, we are present and growing into our true nature with great unapologetic gusto, turning over the neglected soil to create a rich, organic platform in which to grow ourselves and share with those we love.

Twelve years ago, I stepped into the WEL-Systems® process for Self-discovery and made a defining choice to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat of my own life, with the only fuel for the ride being my inner safety, ongoing growth and the tenacity to choose a life that reflected that growth. It continues to be the perfect recipe for the Magic I require to choose to open my eyes each morning in these crazy times.

Focused on crafting a life inspired from within, I have learned to live deeply and simply, letting go of what I no longer need, like sand falling through my fingers. I have chosen to live remembering that I am both the designer and rider of this great adventure called life and if I am not having fun it is up to me to change it.

The beauty and the magic of life continues to leave me in constant awe of what we are capable of as humans, as we live life open to ourselves and each other and the more that awaits us, beyond our current perception of reality.

Along with the beauty, I have faced many challenges along the way as I have dared to live by the beat of my own drum. When I choose to see my challenges from the driver’s seat, I am empowered to know they are simply choices of thought and habit I have outgrown without noticing. A simple change in choice, charts a more aligned life and the challenges turn into the fuel for becoming. The inner growing pains of my life expanding will always be far more rewarding than the slow atrophy and death of my soul.

As I continue to create different conversations and dig deep for inner truths to become my guide I no longer simply absorb the world around me. Instead I choose to emit my own frequency, creating a world I want to see, with my own commitment to myself leading the way! Selfish or Self-Full, depends on how you look at it :)

To continue this journey and share it with others, Deb Gleason and I are delighted to open a compelling, supported, nurturing and safe space for Choosing a Life of Your Design. Please click on the link for more details on this one year experience. If you hear your call, please reach out to either one of us!


From my Wild to Yours,




4-icebergs-interactAs I walked the beach this morning a beam of sunlight illuminated the tip of the Hawaiian mountain range. I was initially captivated by what my eyes were so willing to see. As I took in the dazzling display of light I noticed what my awareness was drawn to until something much more interesting started to take place. My eyes shifted and were quietly drawn to the rest of the massive mountain that lay unawakened in the shadows. There was a deep stirring that began to take place and I was immediately reminded of the powerful WEL-Systems® models I work with called Iceberg of Self™ and Icebergs Interacting.

So much of what we are presented with in the world these days is an enticing invitation to see and become fixated on what lives above the water line, the things that we sense outside ourselves and the things we were taught to believe are ‘fixed’, ‘real’ and ‘true’ and ‘safe’. At the end of the day with our awareness catapulted outside ourselves and conversations that leave us drained and confused, we may find ourselves wondering where else we may go…

As the world becomes more and more polarized, I find myself less interested in engaging in and fuelling many conversations ‘out there’, let alone choosing A or B, black or white, this side or that side. Instead I find myself more and more drawn to the liminal space that lives below that water line, trusting the great mystery and unfolding of our human evolution and the process that takes us home to ourselves in these shifting times.

I know the most powerful form of accelerated change will come from individuals connected to themselves, willing to let go of the old story line, hungry to become and live an emerging one. As many others view this as fluff or hopeless, I am reminded that incremental change is not taking us where we want to go…a LEAP is required.

Many years ago my good friend and founder of the WEL-Systems Institute, Louise LeBrun shared with me that the power for change does not come in the form of seeking answers, it comes from the willingness and courage to ask ourselves the much bigger questions.

*As we dare to question, we automatically take the plunge below the water line and begin to notice our own powerful inner state, recognizing the stories we make up about ourselves and others are often times what leave us feeling powerless.

*As we dare to activate our internal sensing (the truth we carry about ourselves) we invite ourselves to get curious about who we really are in relation to others, investing in our growth and expansion rather then our reactions and smallness.

*As we dare to consider beyond our fixed ‘outer world’ and enter into our vast and enlivening ‘inner world’, we begin to shift and take responsibility for the creation of our lives from the inside out.

The further down we dive the more we reveal what has long laid unawakened and outside of our awareness…not just about who we have been and what has shaped us but the great mystery of who we are capable of becoming as Majestic Beings!

Allow yourself a moment to become curious about your own ‘iceberg’ as you notice the ‘you’ that resides above the water line and the ‘you’ that you sense resides in the deep.

Click Below to listen to Louise LeBrun share on Iceberg of Self and Icebergs Interacting (listening time 5:59).





Welcome to episode #5 of Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, a sister podcast to The Poetry of Predicament.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 7.02.22 PMMy guest and long time friend, Angela Burton courageously shares her parenting Story with deep authenticity, revealing powerful insights about her childhood and her inner journey that allowed her to parent differently.

Angela brings deep compassion, curiosity, clarity and stunning truth to this conversation. As you listen you will be invited to consider real hope, resilience, truth, self value and a very different place to stand to shape our future…one that nurtures life!

Looking forward to having you join us!




Welcome to episode #4 of Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, a sister podcast to The Poetry of Predicament.

_DSC5975 (1)My guest and beloved Sister-In-Law Raina McDonald brings deep authenticity and expansion to this conversation. Organic in it’s unfolding, Raina and I dive into mothering as expressions of Gaia, knowing we are here to birth a very different world for our children to thrive, even in the face of the collapse of what no longer sustains life.

Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Raina’s home base is now her rural homestead on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.  She lives and creates with her partner Ruben Irons, artist blacksmith, their two wild and free daughters on 100 acres of Acadian forest and blueberry land.  Read about their collaborations in life, parenting and art at R&R Handmade.

Raina holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University (Halifax) and is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Birth Doula.  Conversations, collaborations and actions that move us, individually and collectively, beyond the status quo and into new/ancient ways of being is where you’ll find her. (excerpt from her website)


Looking forward to you joining us! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Christine Whelan-Hachey


Welcome to episode #3 of Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, a sister podcast to The Poetry of Predicament.

My guest Anne Berube, shares her sacred journey of Motherhood and her own experience of the ‘pause’ this global pandemic has invited both her and her family.

Conscious parenting inspiration for your weekend. This conversation is sacred and reminds us of the expanded awareness we desire to hold for our own evolution and for our children’s unfolding, a context that is free, creative, and honours of the life-force that propels each of us. As we go through this great pause, this unique time in history, I have been discovering new and wider spaces for me to parent and for us to be as a family that feels more real, more authentic, and more life-giving. I dream of a reconstructed world that doesn’t go back to normal but instead honors LIFE as the ground and the roots for everything we do, say, and build going forward. In this podcast episode, I am in sacred conversation with Naomi Irons who is a dear friend and a colleague, as well as a sister from the stars with whom I adore exploring the edges of life. I would love to know what emerges for you as you listen to this conversation. There is so much for us to delight in when it comes to the creative impulse that animates our kids and our communities. Enjoy! ~Anne Berube

“Thank you Naomi Irons and Anne Bérubé for this delicious, authentic conversation. Wow! So much of this conversation resonates with me. Chris and I are committed to creating a home where everyone can feel safe to be themselves. Watching Doyle and Max transition into a less structured way of living has been a huge invitation for me to let go of structure and to be more loving and compassionate with myself. I had to let go and trust myself in order to find the love to allow the same for others in my world. It always starts with me and my courage to show up and be my bold unapologetic self. Thank you both for modelling conscious living and sharing your experiences with others.” Angela Burton

“Listening to these types of conversations to feed my ‘letting go’ instead of the fear based control based videos and articles is what I chose for my self this morning. Thank you Naomi Irons and Anne Bérubé…..much respect.” Karey Flemming

“This is such a wonderful video about children. Most Grandmas didn’t have this kind of child rearing. It is inspiring to hear about another way of being a mom. Thank you Naomi and Anne!” Holly Irons

“Thank you for sharing this Naomi there is SO much to think about because as Anne said things are happening so fast right now. I think we’ve all been thinking about “it” on some level for a while, we just have time to now. How do we take what we want from before (if there is anything) and bring it with us into the new tomorrow. It’s not easy! Changing course in windy weather is hard… how badly do you want to go in that other direction? It’s really windy up here on our Lovat hill today BUT the sun IS shinning and nature is waking up out there. So I know, despite the wind, I’ll be in it.” Rachael Mac Lean

“What an empowered and empowering conversation…absolutely life-nourishing! I found myself choosing to stop, take deep breaths and allow the truth of what resonated within me to settle. What a beautiful way to raise littles! I do wonder what our world would look like… if let go of our notions of control and discipline and instead created the space for our children to emerge as themselves, in each unfolding moment? … if we allowed their internal rhythms to guide their way? …if we engaged their curiosity and allow them to choose what animates them? …if we, simply, chose to go inside, first, then parent from that space. 

I wonder, too, if Gaia will allow us the time and space that we require to evolve collectively, of if she will make a different choice, for herself?” Stela Murrizi



Welcome to episode #2 of Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, a sister podcast to The Poetry of Predicament.

My guest Stela Murrizi powerfully shares her journey of her own awakening along with her incredibly conscious choice to bring a child into the world in a time of deep global chaos.

Recently in life I embraced a Truth that I had been hiding from myself forever: I am divine. This paradigm shift has led me towards a path of rediscovery and connection to the infinite that I AM. Through my writing, I aim to connect with my authentic self and live in the truth of my experience, of my Soul, in the infinite NOW. From where I stand, this is the only way to fully live life. (Insert from Stela’s website)

Stella’s voice is solidly unapologetic and her truth will invite you to become curious about who and what you are as a parent for the birthright of potential.

Looking forward to you joining us! Enjoy!




For my daughter Hannah’s 13th Birthday I created a book for her. I invited the women in our lives to share their wisdom, stories, art…anything that they were called to express. Below you will find a story my Mother Holly wrote for her book…It still brings me to tears and is too precious to keep to ourselves~Enjoy!

This is a short story of families finding what they love to do, BEING, creating, discovering, sharing the workload and still finding time to play.  

The young ones had parents who knew who they were energy light beings so it was easy for the children to know who they were. The children got to model great respect to others. They saw that in their mom and dad. They got to see there is time for everything in their heart. Their passion and desire brings everything to them that they need. They learned it is an abundant and healthy world.

Respect teaches creativity because respect draws on the creative and intuitive energies from within so that they start flowing like a river….creating new ideas that haven’t even been thought up yet.

Respect for ourselves and others allows each person to stand in their own thoughts and be themselves, allowing others to be themselves. This is inviting what you want and allowing what comes. If it is not quite right then these energy light beings invite something different again until they are doing and having what they want.

Invite and allow….invite and allow this is what they told me.

What I noticed about them is that their spirit was very light and easy to be around. They were very playful because they did not feel much fear they told me. They were loved and cared about and they showed that to others. They did things out of love. They weren’t striving for a lot of things because they sought out experiences and adventures inside themselves and outside themselves. Fear sometimes would come when they were starting to doubt themselves.

It is good to live full out with great passion. They were the most exciting teenagers I have ever met. I hope you will meet them someday.

Their names are Hannah and Noah Hill.

I love them SO MUCH.