Soul Fire



What is SoulFire?

SoulFire is the new fuel for creation,

It is the new culture where women look inward to rise.

It is about truth. Lived truth. Uncovered truth. Messy truth and raw truth meeting your soul.

Soul Fire is the space inside.

The quantum space where truth and soul meet.

SoulFire began over morning coffees, out of sheer necessity during the greatest and toughest transitions of our lives. It began as a way to remember we were not crazy or alone in some of our darkest moments and toughest conversations with ourselves! It started as an ignition of our passions beyond our deepest fears. It became a space to share our raw truths and to hear our own Souls out loud. SoulFire was our way to remain connected to ourselves on a daily basis, to create and collaborate from our inner knowing. We knew it was bigger than us but knew it had to begin with us before we opened to the world!


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