Engaging & Awakening Others

The next DEEP dive experience after Decloaking and Living Authentically.

This is not a Retreat

This is a deep recognition
A birthing of our light from our dark
A space to press, uncover, let go, meet, and surrender
A face to face meeting of the core shaping family systems you came from
Where no stone will remain unturned
The systems that simmer below, invisible but deeply felt, in your body and in your world
Attached to love, acceptance, security
Attached to the familiar, predictable and entrenched beliefs
That has formed a lineage that we KNOW we no longer want to subscribe to.
This journey is not for the faint of heart
Once again this is not a Retreat
It is an ignition
of a spark that never went out
This will shake loose everything that is not Soul
These five days will unearth the conditions and patterns you once formed
to preserve your Soul Knowing
that once genius, now have become the ties that bind.
In the excavation you will reveal to yourself a different kind of history
one of ancient intelligence
and a lineage that calls you to boldly continue to blaze the trail
for the next seven generations, beginning with YOU.

Upcoming Experiences:

Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Investment: $2500.00 USD (Includes a 20 cd set of Engaging and Awakening Others exclusive to this experience).

ange1_aazd3wAnge Arbuckle: Opens her eyes every morning with renewed excitement to create magic and is truly in love with life. A writer, entrepreneur, adventurer and epic mother of three amazing boys who she is unschooling while living in Hawaii. She believes in coffee, possibility, living authentically and that we each carry a force of nature within us just waiting to re-awaken. She is a Holistic Nutritionist and has been on an intense and wild spiritual adventure for over 20 years. She’s a Co-Creator of SoulFire and The Rural Consciousness Project.

DSC_1120lowNaomi Irons: Is is a radical visionary, pioneer, writer, speaker and midwife for the global shift that is happening both within ourselves and on our planet (they go hand in hand). Her background is vast and pieces together a rich tapestry of life experiences. Some messy, some graceful, they have all lead to greater self-wisdom and knowing, that can be invited in others in life enhancing ways. A journey that never ends, it only seems to get bigger and more provocative by the day. Naomi is a WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate® ,Co-Creator of SoulFire and The Rural Consciousness Project where she continues to pioneer a global revolution of consciousness. She is based out of beautiful Hawaii


It was more then just Motherhood brought Ange and Naomi together 13 years ago. It was a synergy, a soul knowing that they had come together to create amazing things with each other, their families and many others! First up, was finding their way back home to themselves! Their fierce commitment to their own growth became their gateway! They are currently in the process of creating SoulFire where the radical inner spark of many will ignite a revolution of consciousness across the globe! There is no conversation that is too deep, too messy, too scary, to vulnerable, too big, too much, or too insignificant when we are in pursuit of the truth that connects us to who we really are! You will laugh, you will cry, you will rage, you will luxuriate, you will touch that which lies dormant inside your Soul, and you will hear your own sacred call home to yourself in their presence!


Engaging and Awakening Others