Emerging Futures

A series of conversations Designed for these Times
Written by Ella Schatzmann, co-created with Naomi Irons

As I consider the world we are in right now, it is hard not to notice the immense amount of fear, desperation and uncertainty.  Many are suffering and finding themselves suddenly out of work, out of money and all the while isolated from their support networks.  And yet, this is not the full spectrum of what’s being experienced.  I am also noticing the multitude of impressive ways people, businesses and government have mobilized to adapt to what’s unfolding.  It is showing us dimensions of what is possible to achieve when lives and livelihoods are on the line.

The global response to the coronavirus has us collectively moving away from ‘business as usual’ in unprecedented ways.  It is highly destabilizing and yet many of us also know on a deeper level, it is also a powerful invitation.  I personally feel a sense of liberation, unleashed from my habituated ways of moving through my life, even though I also find myself wanting to curl back in, to how it used to be… In those moments, I breathe.

The illusions of an absolute reality ‘out there’ have been shattered, making visible the fact that so much of what we’ve been taught or held to be true or necessary, simply are not.  The magnitude of what is in actuality our collective and individual choices are being exposed.  In this abrupt and global pause from status quo, the earth is rejuvenating; environmental impacts have decreased significantly and we are all, finally, slowing down from our frenzied ways.  Measures needed to support vulnerable populations are more apparent than ever as they are cruelly being most burdened by the devastating implications of the pandemic.  For many of us, we have come to a breaking point, no longer able to deny what some small part of us has known all along, having been conveniently and effectively pressed out of our awareness when things were ‘normal’.  We must use this time as an opportunity for change.

I believe how we come to define this period of time in our lives will be relative to where we stand inside of ourselves as we move through it.  It won’t always be easy and we will find ourselves at many cross roads along the way, requiring that we choose mindfully or risk having choices and ultimately our future, chosen for us.  This is always the case, just now the cultural coma that had us believing otherwise has been ruptured and it is plain for all to see.

Awakening to new ways of being requires us to be present and conscious to what’s in front of us with fierce conviction.  Sometimes, it is all going to feel so exhausting.  Or enlivening!  Or both.  Bottom line, there will be intensity to it all.  And forces to invite us back into our conditioned ways of living will be potent, as those who benefit from our busy, consumer driven, externally referenced lives attempt to lure us back into looking outside of ourselves for the way forward.

If we hear the call from within to not fall back into ways of living that no longer serve us, then where do we go instead?  How will we know we are on a path toward the beautiful, better life we imagine for ourselves, our families and our communities?

What I have come to know is that the power of our intellects alone will not take us there.

Imagine cultivating the inner resources to move beyond our perceived limitations and instead developing a much deeper capacity to guide ourselves effectively and confidently through this…

Beyond strategies and skills, we need a paradigm shift to re-contextualize this experience and ourselves within it.  As simple and as mysterious as it sounds, now, more than ever – and more than anything – we are collectively being urged to surrender into the sensations that our bodies carry.  Within each molecule of emotion that rises within us lives an opportunity to connect with the wisdom our bodies carry.  When we discover that confusion, uncertainty and fear are gateways into profound discovery, expansion doesn’t just become possible, it becomes reality.

IMG_8052Naomi and I and many others have been here before.  We know what it takes to wake up to our truth, to follow the impulses within and to let the waves of information we carry move and make way for a larger expression of ourselves to come into the world.  We have mustered the courage to move beyond our social conditioning, to trust the body to lead and to carve out a more meaningful life for ourselves, defining what that is on our own terms and letting outdated, habituated versions of ourselves fall away in their irrelevance.  This is what transpires in a Wel-Systems approach to living!  This pandemic has created a window of opportunity like no other to examine our lives, our systems and ourselves and relax into new ways of being.

There are precious few things in life that matter more than the sacredness of being in the company of women who show up in a conversation to connect more deeply to themselves, in the company of others with the same intention.

Join Naomi Irons and I April 23, April 30 & May 7, 1:00pm-4:00pm MST for an empowering and intimate Emerging Futures conversation.  *This experience is full

Given the enthusiastic response to our first offer and our inability to accommodate all of the women who wanted to participate, we are excited to share we are now offering an additional experience.

An evening to explore “What is WEL-Systems?” and how it can enhance your capacity to cope well and live wisely during these challenging times.  This offering is free for those who are curious to know more and are considering participating in the three week Emerging Futures Series.
Thursday May 14, 5:00PM – 7:00PM Mountain Time

The second three week Series begins
Sunday May 17, May 24 & May 31, 3:00PM – 5:30PM Mountain Time

Investment priced for this shifting time $ 125 
We recognize this is a financially challenging time for many.  If you need special consideration, please let us know.

If you are interested, please reach out to Ella Schatzmann at ella.schatzmann@gmail.com or Naomi Irons at conversationsfromwithin@gmail.com, for more information.