Real, Raw, Authentic, Passionate and Compassionate Women. Women willing to share with the world who they are becoming, while discovering and acting on what FIRES them up…even if it requires a deep dive into what still remains dark and untouched within our Souls! This is my Community!

A Circle of Reciprocity

I feel the circle, 
both being in it and of it, 
first for myself, then with each of you. 
Holding and being held.
Listening and being heard.
Sharing and receiving.
Loving and being loved.
Cherishing and being cherished.
Inviting and being invited.
A space with great intention,
without expectation,
without judgement,
where we each call to our own greatness
and hold space to move beyond limitations
at the same time.

Courageously call your circle and 
boldly be a part of others.

Interconnect them and
you will see the Flower of Life


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