Spirit Touching Tissue

by Naomi on August 15, 2016




I was feeling it ALL day yesterday
A deep agitation
A searing restlessness
At first I made it about my kids
Our upcoming move
Then technology
I made myself busy
Then I stopped
Put it all down
The stories
The blame
I entered into the space where it lived…
where I LIVE and have the power to shift
from external to internal
I could feel the crackle of anxiousness
throughout my whole body
I tingled with an agitation
that I wanted to turn away from
I turned to face it and feel it all
For far too many years the fuse has been lit
only to be put out before it reached the stick of dynamite.
I was told and believed I was dangerous
Today I followed the fuse throughout my body all the way down my legs 
and in that split second that I would normally put the spark out
I exploded inward
Spirit touching tissue
All that I had been holding tight came unbound
I touched the molten lava core of my existence
burning away more of who I am not
Revealing more of who I AM.
A Space of Creation opened
Space for…
More truth
More simplicity
More realness
More fierceness
More sensuality
More ME.

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