Facing MySelf

by Naomi on August 15, 2016



IMG_7644For so many years I faced the World.

I faced the coma. I faced who I was told to be. I fought it. I hid from it. I went along with it. I found it easier. I found it harder. I committed to the realness being ‘out there’. I showed up. I ran. I struggled to change it. I committed to making a difference. My default was my intellect and a process of trying to figure it out. I looked for validation to know I was headed in the right direction. I loved the world. I hated the world. I was overwhelmed by my smallness. I was overwhelmed by my bigness. I managed everything to feel in control and created within my comfort zone. I was committed to a world where everything lived ‘out there’! 

For the past 8 years I have committed to turning to face myself

I have faced my stories/lies. I have faced my truth. I have hid from it all. I have fought it. I have went along with it. I have found it easier. I have found it harder. I have committed to realness being something that only exists in this now and only belongs to me. I have shown up for me and only me. I have run from me. I have committed to making a difference first in my inner world. I have come to know I am the only one to validate my inner knowing. I have loved myself. I have hated myself. I have remembered. I have forgotten. I have been overwhelmed in my states of smallness. I have been overwhelmed in my states of feeling so fucking massive and powerful that fully surrendering to my body becomes the only way. I have committed to Creating my Life. I have run from creating my life. I KNOW turning to face myself is the right direction for me AND fuck this powerfully alive inner state has been more rewarding then the alternative of turning away from myself, powerlessly gazing out into the coma!

Each breath we take we are choosing an inner or outer context (face ourselves where we hold the power and responsibility to shape reality or face the world where it holds the power to shape us).

Go boldly in the direction of yourself!

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