Choose the Process

by Naomi on July 13, 2016



I woke this morning with an electrifying vibe coursing through my Being!

That’s the easy part to share but it would be skipping over the intimate, personal process that allowed me to arrive here.

What is not as easy to share is the intensely disappointed mess I found myself in a few days ago.

In the chaos of my inner state I could feel the lure of great despair that would as many times before…crush me and leave me helpless and hopeless about my life and the world.

On the other side of the same coin, I could hear the part of me that shouted ‘suck it up cupcake’!

Knowing that neither reaction was the direction I wanted to go, I stopped and stepped into the great inner wave, of tears and heaviness that was waiting to wash over me and redirect me.

The whisper from my Being was ‘do not abandon yourself’. So I stayed in the vast unknown with my intensely charged state…and continued to loosen my grip…surrendering within, so I could be redirected from a place of inner power, not inner struggle.

I did not put a time line on it. I did not need to involve anyone else, even when my stories screamed to lessen the intensity by making it about someone else.

This is my Life. My Creation. Mine to own or mine to dilute.

The journey never ends and it takes what it takes.


Photo: Todd Hill

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