Soul Food

by Naomi on July 12, 2016



I spent years hungering my own Soul
but walking around starving.
I was taught to feed myself empty calories…
the love, the ideas, the stories and the truths of others.
I was still starving
still seeking and longing to feel full.
My own truth, so foreign, it felt indigestible.
My Soul kept calling.
To meet it I knew I would first have to confront my own stories.
Confront all that had shaped me
and defined me…to myself.
I was scared but had an intense knowing that lead the way.
As the veil lifted and the stories crumbled
a space appeared…
The space of my Truth
A space to feed myself
and devour the rich, dense, hearty Soul Food that had been there all along.
My truth that had once been indigestible
became what sourced me and
Allowed me to look within.

Photo: Todd Hill

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