Decloaking and Living Authentically~LeaderSelf: September 15th-19th 2014

by Naomi on August 14, 2014

DSC_0608_10388cropDecloaking and Living Authentically is a 5 day program of Women in Conversation.  This is about speaking in the moment about how I AM feeling. This is not the culturally conditioned jargon we have learned from books,teachers, parents and friends……. This is the truth of YOURS and MY Experience in the Moment. This does not mean it is carved in stone, the next day it could be a different  feeling.  It’s not the story that counts, it’s the experience in the body, from speaking my truth.  Feeling tightness and pressure is an invitation that energy or information wants to move.  We move into it not away or shut it down. By moving into it the energy processes in the body, not the intellect. This allows more space inside mySELF to be more aware of my CHOICES and CREATIONS. This space allows more of who I really AM to show up.

To own more of what I see in others is about my perceptual filters and what you see in me is about your perceptual filters.  We are mirrors for each other.  When I speak my truth,  I can Be Spiritually aligned or not. Paying attention to my body I start to know when I AM aligned.  I begin to feel an impulse inside mySELF.  This impulse is my creativity and life force. Setting aside my conditioning I start to feel the impulse more, listen to it and make better CHOICES for mySELF.

I believe when women make better Choices for themselves and speak their truth there will be more equality between men and women.  I believe I need to speak my truth more and more….going beyond who I have been taught who I am ……so I can become the Creator in my world.  If this speaks to you come and join us. ~ Holly Irons

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