The Call to Women to Lead

by Naomi on January 13, 2014

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As we move into a time unlike any other, we as women are being beaconed to lead, not in the traditional sense but in a way that allows us to hear and heed the call from deep inside ourselves, calling us to become the leader of our own potential, to reclaim the greatness we carry to shape a very different world, for ourselves and our children. And beyond just hearing the call…we KNOW it is time to engage and shape that which we know LIVES within us, creating lives that call BACK to us!


The Call to Women to Lead is an invitation and a call to the Powerful Woman in us all.

This 3 hour open forum conversation, set in a WEL-Systems Context, is for those who already feel the restlessness from deep inside them, an unrelenting surge that presses at the very edges of our Being, longing to be seen, heard and expressed! It is for Women who know it is time to redefine our own humanity and reshape our destiny along side other women choosing to do the same, in a way that propels us forward!!

You will be in great company as you choose to step into this experience with others who hold a great hunger for Life!

Date: Sunday January 19th 2014 10:00am-1:00pm

Location: WholeSELF Wellness Center

Hosts: Naomi Irons, Holly Irons, Susan Weeks and Angela Burton (WEL-Systems Institute Affiliates)

Pre-Requisites: To listen to the first 2 Radio Shows in the Series ‘The Call to Women To Lead’

Moving Beyond the Mother Daughter Roles

Boundless LeaderSelf~Moving Beyond Collusion

To Register please contact Naomi Irons (

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