Decloaking and Living Authentically~Moving Beyond the Mother Daughter Roles May 12th-16th 2014

by Naomi on January 10, 2014

Naomi IronsThis is a call unlike any other…


Holly Irons and Naomi Irons would like to invite you to take part in a conversation that is sure to radically change how you see and experience yourself inside and in the presence of other women. This conversation will call to the Life inside you, waiting to be freed beyond a process that for generations has limited our potential.


Decloaking and Living Authentically~Moving Beyond the Mother Daughter Roles(May 12th-16th 2014) is an invitation to come to see the process of Mothering and all that went into shaping who we have come to know ourselves to be as Woman; within ourselves and in the presence of each other.  As we journey through the 5 day experience we will begin to put something very different into the process…our unique and Authentic Selves.


Beyond the expectations and the stories of who we should be, we will come to discover the pressing truth of who we reallyDSC_0608_10388crop are,celebrating our uniqueness and the immensity that we already carry to be a voice in a world STARVED for the full expression of Woman.  Imagine a world where we both welcome and appreciate the ‘individual ‘ and ‘authentic’ in each other, without losing ourselves.


You will be in great company with Holly Irons (CODE Model Coach™ and WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate) and Naomi Irons, CODE Model Coach™ and WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate.


They both know intimately what it takes to stay in and engage the journey to moving beyond the Mother Daughter dance; and the courage it takes to reveal the immensity of themselves in each others presence. In the sometimes tough, awkward moments that it requires to move beyond historical notions and collusion of mothering and being mothered, each of us in our own way will come to redefine what it means to BE Woman powerfully standing with other women.


In a world where ‘mother’ is intended to define who ‘daughter’ can/must become, I can think of no more important conversation to reclaim who we are capable of becoming then this one!  We can never be free until we free ourselves from the bondage of history, habit and unmet expectations.


Be sure to listen to the Radio Show Holly and Naomi recorded on Reclaiming Yourself:Women Unedited and Engaged~ Moving Beyond the Mother Daughter Roles



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