Truth and Simplicity

by Naomi on October 17, 2020

For years I thought simplicity was an elusive notion that was to be chased but never actually found. The more I had tried to craft a simple life, the more it seemingly slipped through my fingers.

Then one day, a number of years ago, I stopped dancing around the edges of a truth I carried and instead courageously turned to face it, engaging in the life altering process of Quantum TLC™ for the first time.

Our truth powerfully roots us into ourselves

In 30 seconds the stories, the judgements, the noise, the confusion and all the drama I had created to keep myself from hearing what was real and true faded away. My life went from feeling complicated to simple in a few short breaths. I went from a sense of powerlessness to feeling empowered. I felt calm, clear and rooted for the first time in a long time. I felt like I had landed on the secret to creating a simple life. The courage to tell myself the truth.

Recently, Deborah Gleason and I began an experience, Choosing a Life of Your Design, with a small group of women who have committed to their inner growth every day for an entire year as the fuel for their greatest becoming.

There is no better way to deepen our relationship with ourselves than through the voices of others committed to their own truth, with the graceful courage to live it. Not because another’s experience is yours but because when the truth leaves our lips, a powerful energetic vibration ripples through our bodies and the space we share with others. It opens and reveals both our brilliance that has been hiding in plain sight, and our blindspots where we have become captive to old habits and beliefs.

Truth is powerfully simple and cuts through illusion. It is not tied to big complicated stories we construct and is often contained in 3 words or less.

*Choose yes
*Choose no
*I am done
*I let go
*I don’t know
*Not right now
*Stay quiet
*Go right
*Go left

What is the truth you carry that has been pressing to be heard inside of you?

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