Inner Wild

by Naomi on August 20, 2020


For the past few months I have had a longing to put on a backpack and head to a remote spot in the world with only the sounds of nature surrounding me (funny I know because I already live in one of the most remote areas in the world).

I know myself well enough to understand I was not longing to travel, I was simply seeking to connect to a part of me that can’t be found ‘out there’. How perfect that I couldn’t board a plane on a whim, as air travel seems like the least appealing thing to me right now.

With my backpack in the closet, I began to heed the invitation to listen closer for my inner wild. The wordless, but very visceral, primal nature of my Being. The one whose feet grows up through Gaia like lush roots and whose flesh is like morning dew. The one whose breath is hot and whose pulse beats strong. The one whose body births galaxies in her sleep. She was who I began to listen for…

Not surprisingly, after week 3 (activating the power center) of our Living Fully Through Conscious Choice experience, I woke this morning to an inner roar. That Elemental part of myself became a visceral surge from the depths of my Being rising to the surface, transforming all that was in its path in the most life giving way. It became immediately clear to me that this roar was not to fend off, protect, overcome or feverishly debate another to stand my ground as it would have been in the past…it was simply a powerful warm exhale of what has been long unfurling like an ancient wild fern, inviting me to expand even more into my own life. A conscious moment and a sweet surrender to the unmanaged jungle that is me, and I stepped deeper into my inner wild…my Sanctuary, my Home.

As we stand at the growing edge of our potential together, each in our own way, many of us are realizing that the shift we are searching for isn’t out there. The shift comes as we courageously turn to face ourselves, staying in the organic conversations inside while allowing ourselves to grow back into our wholeness and live life by our own design.

I have the great privilege of working with small groups of women recently and have noticed the glass ceiling has lifted. The barrier that has kept us from our true Selves is easily dissolved as we show up with ourselves and each other in deeply authentic ways!

I have also noticed we are not at all interested in resuscitating an old paradigm or who we have needed to be to occupy it. We are passionate about reconnecting to ourselves intimately, delicately and powerfully in a new paradigm. We no longer just sense our wildly majestic selves like a beacon far off in the distance, we are present and growing into our true nature with great unapologetic gusto, turning over the neglected soil to create a rich, organic platform in which to grow ourselves and share with those we love.

Twelve years ago, I stepped into the WEL-Systems® process for Self-discovery and made a defining choice to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat of my own life, with the only fuel for the ride being my inner safety, ongoing growth and the tenacity to choose a life that reflected that growth. It continues to be the perfect recipe for the Magic I require to choose to open my eyes each morning in these crazy times.

Focused on crafting a life inspired from within, I have learned to live deeply and simply, letting go of what I no longer need, like sand falling through my fingers. I have chosen to live remembering that I am both the designer and rider of this great adventure called life and if I am not having fun it is up to me to change it.

The beauty and the magic of life continues to leave me in constant awe of what we are capable of as humans, as we live life open to ourselves and each other and the more that awaits us, beyond our current perception of reality.

Along with the beauty, I have faced many challenges along the way as I have dared to live by the beat of my own drum. When I choose to see my challenges from the driver’s seat, I am empowered to know they are simply choices of thought and habit I have outgrown without noticing. A simple change in choice, charts a more aligned life and the challenges turn into the fuel for becoming. The inner growing pains of my life expanding will always be far more rewarding than the slow atrophy and death of my soul.

As I continue to create different conversations and dig deep for inner truths to become my guide I no longer simply absorb the world around me. Instead I choose to emit my own frequency, creating a world I want to see, with my own commitment to myself leading the way! Selfish or Self-Full, depends on how you look at it :)

To continue this journey and share it with others, Deb Gleason and I are delighted to open a compelling, supported, nurturing and safe space for Choosing a Life of Your Design. Please click on the link for more details on this one year experience. If you hear your call, please reach out to either one of us!


From my Wild to Yours,



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