Deeper Considerations and Expanding Conversations

by Naomi on August 4, 2020

4-icebergs-interactAs I walked the beach this morning a beam of sunlight illuminated the tip of the Hawaiian mountain range. I was initially captivated by what my eyes were so willing to see. As I took in the dazzling display of light I noticed what my awareness was drawn to until something much more interesting started to take place. My eyes shifted and were quietly drawn to the rest of the massive mountain that lay unawakened in the shadows. There was a deep stirring that began to take place and I was immediately reminded of the powerful WEL-Systems® models I work with called Iceberg of Self™ and Icebergs Interacting.

So much of what we are presented with in the world these days is an enticing invitation to see and become fixated on what lives above the water line, the things that we sense outside ourselves and the things we were taught to believe are ‘fixed’, ‘real’ and ‘true’ and ‘safe’. At the end of the day with our awareness catapulted outside ourselves and conversations that leave us drained and confused, we may find ourselves wondering where else we may go…

As the world becomes more and more polarized, I find myself less interested in engaging in and fuelling many conversations ‘out there’, let alone choosing A or B, black or white, this side or that side. Instead I find myself more and more drawn to the liminal space that lives below that water line, trusting the great mystery and unfolding of our human evolution and the process that takes us home to ourselves in these shifting times.

I know the most powerful form of accelerated change will come from individuals connected to themselves, willing to let go of the old story line, hungry to become and live an emerging one. As many others view this as fluff or hopeless, I am reminded that incremental change is not taking us where we want to go…a LEAP is required.

Many years ago my good friend and founder of the WEL-Systems Institute, Louise LeBrun shared with me that the power for change does not come in the form of seeking answers, it comes from the willingness and courage to ask ourselves the much bigger questions.

*As we dare to question, we automatically take the plunge below the water line and begin to notice our own powerful inner state, recognizing the stories we make up about ourselves and others are often times what leave us feeling powerless.

*As we dare to activate our internal sensing (the truth we carry about ourselves) we invite ourselves to get curious about who we really are in relation to others, investing in our growth and expansion rather then our reactions and smallness.

*As we dare to consider beyond our fixed ‘outer world’ and enter into our vast and enlivening ‘inner world’, we begin to shift and take responsibility for the creation of our lives from the inside out.

The further down we dive the more we reveal what has long laid unawakened and outside of our awareness…not just about who we have been and what has shaped us but the great mystery of who we are capable of becoming as Majestic Beings!

Allow yourself a moment to become curious about your own ‘iceberg’ as you notice the ‘you’ that resides above the water line and the ‘you’ that you sense resides in the deep.

Click Below to listen to Louise LeBrun share on Iceberg of Self and Icebergs Interacting (listening time 5:59).



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