Parenting Podcast #3: The Power of Authentic Self

by Naomi on June 13, 2020

Welcome to episode #3 of Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams, a sister podcast to The Poetry of Predicament.

My guest Anne Berube, shares her sacred journey of Motherhood and her own experience of the ‘pause’ this global pandemic has invited both her and her family.

Conscious parenting inspiration for your weekend. This conversation is sacred and reminds us of the expanded awareness we desire to hold for our own evolution and for our children’s unfolding, a context that is free, creative, and honours of the life-force that propels each of us. As we go through this great pause, this unique time in history, I have been discovering new and wider spaces for me to parent and for us to be as a family that feels more real, more authentic, and more life-giving. I dream of a reconstructed world that doesn’t go back to normal but instead honors LIFE as the ground and the roots for everything we do, say, and build going forward. In this podcast episode, I am in sacred conversation with Naomi Irons who is a dear friend and a colleague, as well as a sister from the stars with whom I adore exploring the edges of life. I would love to know what emerges for you as you listen to this conversation. There is so much for us to delight in when it comes to the creative impulse that animates our kids and our communities. Enjoy! ~Anne Berube

“Thank you Naomi Irons and Anne Bérubé for this delicious, authentic conversation. Wow! So much of this conversation resonates with me. Chris and I are committed to creating a home where everyone can feel safe to be themselves. Watching Doyle and Max transition into a less structured way of living has been a huge invitation for me to let go of structure and to be more loving and compassionate with myself. I had to let go and trust myself in order to find the love to allow the same for others in my world. It always starts with me and my courage to show up and be my bold unapologetic self. Thank you both for modelling conscious living and sharing your experiences with others.” Angela Burton

“Listening to these types of conversations to feed my ‘letting go’ instead of the fear based control based videos and articles is what I chose for my self this morning. Thank you Naomi Irons and Anne Bérubé…..much respect.” Karey Flemming

“This is such a wonderful video about children. Most Grandmas didn’t have this kind of child rearing. It is inspiring to hear about another way of being a mom. Thank you Naomi and Anne!” Holly Irons

“Thank you for sharing this Naomi there is SO much to think about because as Anne said things are happening so fast right now. I think we’ve all been thinking about “it” on some level for a while, we just have time to now. How do we take what we want from before (if there is anything) and bring it with us into the new tomorrow. It’s not easy! Changing course in windy weather is hard… how badly do you want to go in that other direction? It’s really windy up here on our Lovat hill today BUT the sun IS shinning and nature is waking up out there. So I know, despite the wind, I’ll be in it.” Rachael Mac Lean

“What an empowered and empowering conversation…absolutely life-nourishing! I found myself choosing to stop, take deep breaths and allow the truth of what resonated within me to settle. What a beautiful way to raise littles! I do wonder what our world would look like… if let go of our notions of control and discipline and instead created the space for our children to emerge as themselves, in each unfolding moment? … if we allowed their internal rhythms to guide their way? …if we engaged their curiosity and allow them to choose what animates them? …if we, simply, chose to go inside, first, then parent from that space. 

I wonder, too, if Gaia will allow us the time and space that we require to evolve collectively, of if she will make a different choice, for herself?” Stela Murrizi


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