The Magic of Life-A Grandmother’s Story

by Naomi on May 16, 2020



For my daughter Hannah’s 13th Birthday I created a book for her. I invited the women in our lives to share their wisdom, stories, art…anything that they were called to express. Below you will find a story my Mother Holly wrote for her book…It still brings me to tears and is too precious to keep to ourselves~Enjoy!

This is a short story of families finding what they love to do, BEING, creating, discovering, sharing the workload and still finding time to play.  

The young ones had parents who knew who they were energy light beings so it was easy for the children to know who they were. The children got to model great respect to others. They saw that in their mom and dad. They got to see there is time for everything in their heart. Their passion and desire brings everything to them that they need. They learned it is an abundant and healthy world.

Respect teaches creativity because respect draws on the creative and intuitive energies from within so that they start flowing like a river….creating new ideas that haven’t even been thought up yet.

Respect for ourselves and others allows each person to stand in their own thoughts and be themselves, allowing others to be themselves. This is inviting what you want and allowing what comes. If it is not quite right then these energy light beings invite something different again until they are doing and having what they want.

Invite and allow….invite and allow this is what they told me.

What I noticed about them is that their spirit was very light and easy to be around. They were very playful because they did not feel much fear they told me. They were loved and cared about and they showed that to others. They did things out of love. They weren’t striving for a lot of things because they sought out experiences and adventures inside themselves and outside themselves. Fear sometimes would come when they were starting to doubt themselves.

It is good to live full out with great passion. They were the most exciting teenagers I have ever met. I hope you will meet them someday.

Their names are Hannah and Noah Hill.

I love them SO MUCH.

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