A Radical Shift in Parenting: Turning to Face Ourselves

by Naomi on April 19, 2020


There is no greater time or opportunity than when a world is thrown into massive uncertainty to step into the fire of our transformation and heed a much more radical and deeper inner call, because why not! We have been shaken from our complacency, recognizing the foundation of the world we have been taught to believe is real and true ‘out there’ is crumbling before our eyes, inviting us to let go and really lead from’ full disclosure’ from within!

A Time to Leap

For those who know me, know I choose to dive into the deep end of the pool in every aspect of my life. Why take little steps when we can have breathtaking glorious leaps that shift our inner world and radically create the Life Giving world we want to live in?!

The Time is Now

Without waiting for permission, waiting to be organized, or calibrating for any outcomes, I am embarking on a journey to radically shift the context for Parenting by moving from an external state of how we parent ‘out there’ to an internal one where we parent from ‘in here’ from a deep relationship with ourselves and our immense potential.

I am approaching this grand adventure from a master/student perspective. One that allows me to reframe parenting through a WEL-Systems context along with my own curiosities, wisdom and experiences through my lens as a mother, as well as gleaning insights, wisdom and a dive into more of ‘what I don’t know, I don’t know’ with others. As I shared on a recent podcast with Dean Walker, Parenting is a ‘Beautiful Beast’ of a conversation. It requires a compassionate and fierce self inquiry that does not seek to turn away when the body begins to awaken to our own truth.

I invite you to take a moment to consider parenting in a different way…

*I can only parent my children to the degree to which I have and continue to free myself from my own history. Our reality was not positioned to us as children as a choice and to face into these rapidly changing times with our children we need to become more than our histories to once again know we have infinite choice to create a life with deep meaning and potential and not just repetition of what we know.

The Way Forward is to Stop and Face Ourselves

* Parenting is an intimate relationship that begins with the one we have with ourselves, shared with the ones we love. Personal growth for its own sake IS the greatest gift we can give our children, ourselves and our planet because it requires we wake up and stay awake while navigating from this fluid state as they are invited to do the same.

We are the Ones. If not Me, then Who?

I have been invited to be a co-host on the Poetry of Predicament podcast, hosting a special series of Parenting conversations for ‘Take My Hand, Conscious Parenting in a Time of Stolen Dreams‘.

I had the honour of interviewing Louise LeBrun on my first podcast. What a brilliant way to begin! She invites us to look at Parenting as the delivery mechanism for culture (take a moment to really consider that). As we free ourselves from our history (that has taught us replication or rebellion as a process) we may parent in more intuitive, life giving ways that begin to shift not only ourselves but the entire culture!! Stay tuned for much more…ENJOY!





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