The Dawn of a New Way

by Naomi on March 21, 2020


I awoke at first light this morning and it really feels like the dawning of a new day and the dawning of a new way for our shared humanity.

I know there is so much uncertainty happening in the world around us and in the one inside of us. I was there in my own way 3 years ago when we sold everything, let go of our jobs and with it a feeling of security, the house we remodelled for 11 years, and took our children out of the school system. I would have moments where my mind and body were unravelling years of what had been presented to me and to the masses as the only way. My suggestion to you if you find yourself here, surround yourself with people you can be fully yourself with and not in denial of what is happening on a larger scale, be gentle with yourself, invite and allow what is true inside moment to moment, feel it, surrender to it and trust you have what it takes! There IS another way! We are in this together. We have to be in this together.

This is the collapse of separation and that can only happen when we are whole within ourselves

Every experience feels like it has lead me to this moment in time where we are no longer just talking about the approaching shift and collapse of earth and human systems, we are IN it. Looking back I can now see how strongly my intuition was beginning to guide me to unplug myself and my family from the ‘business as usual world’. As we began to let go of the way the world defined us and our reaction to it, we could move into a space where we began to be able to define it for ourselves and move from within. My very in tact ego didn’t survive that shift! lol!

I truly believe we are designed for times like these.

The only thing I have to draw any comparison from was when I went into labour for the first time. My body took over and my mind went silent. I found an inward trust in my ability to let go that I did not know was possible. What stays with me all these years later are the words of wisdom one of the women supporting me shared… ‘all of this is for a purpose’. I could let go of my resistance and need for control to what was happening as I heard those words.

Perhaps this is the planetary transition phase like in the birth process. The intense period where deep down we know there is no going back. As awakening Midwives of this Shift we remember we are designed for this, and this has purpose. We know how to surrender to this moment and something even greater beyond our mind and our limitations of thought.

As the status quo world goes dark, there are many of us that can finally see that our own light has been shining strong all along, sovereign and yet deeply interconnected to each other like the night sky in all her brilliance.

I feel more awake and more alive and still than at any point in my life. I am comfortable in my own skin and in my own wisdom. I am not searching for anything or anyone to complete my experience of myself and simply welcoming of ‘Full Disclosure’ and ways that enhance my understanding of my truth and my ability to embody it. I am unafraid to continue to free myself and let go of old ways that no longer serve me or offer up the greatest invitation to live fully at THIS time. AND this has not always been where I have stood inside.

While the future of the status quo world is unraveling and thrust into a great uncertainty, the emerging world is filled with the fluidity of movement and light, strength, possibility, hope, unity, and a realness that offers no other invitation than to stand in the now, embracing and accepting what IS so we may be able to move beyond into what awaits…and that journey begins within.

We are staring into the face of a collective reality in a way that we have never been invited to until now. The question becomes, do we fight against, seek to fix, look away, self medicate OR choose to go inward where we may mindfully shape a different existence, together.

The question ‘who’ am I becoming used to be a big enough question for our growth in the separate nature of the current world. In these rapidly changing times I believe the question needs to be raised to ‘what’ am I. One resets us within the level of thinking we are currently in, the other shifts us into the emerging world as the highly evolved, deeply spiritual people we intuitively know we are.

As many have shared over the years the narrative for our existence has become much too small, and outdated for our evolving human experience and is destroying ourselves and the living breathing, Great Mother, that is our only Home. The veil is dropping on this narrative and now more than ever the rewriting of it is essential for our forward motion.

We are the ones we have been searching for







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