Free Diving

by Naomi on June 30, 2019

DSC_5273The salt mist was heavy in the early morning air, making my coffee taste even better as I made my way to the quiet beach in downtown Honolulu to embark on day 1 of my Freediving Course.

With anything new I have this nervous excitement that indicates I am about to depart from my comfort zone into a whole new world.

And when something feels like a giant YES, like this has, I dive in whole heartedly (pun intended). As I continued to the beach I got to meet my passionate but down to earth instructor and the small but mighty group that would have my back in the ocean and right there I knew I had signed up for the right course.

It turns out that Freediving is actually a part of our genetic code and all we were about to do today was activate it. Not by learning about it but by being educated to trust what our bodies know as we do it.

So powerful.

We were taught to trust the triggering of our mostly dormant , mammillary reflex…the same one mammals use in the ocean. Mind blowing, yet so intuitive.

Before I knew it I was trusting my body in 3 minute breath holds and coming to understand that continuing to relax through the ‘urge to breathe’ is like continuing to push up a hill when you are running and your legs fill with lactic acid….each time, you build capacity for more depth and longer time. (There are symptoms that you do look out for so you don’t blackout but the urge to breathe is not one of them).

All of this fascinates me because I can see the incredible parallel to what is happening in the world right now. Even though our humanity feels deeply unstable right now, I believe it is simply creating the conditions or ‘trigger’ to activate the genetic code of our Souls, for us to come to know ourselves as far greater than what we have been taught.

Today was a great reminder to trust the activation, even when it feels like the world inside us and all around us is falling apart…we are actually triggering a greater awareness and ability to build capacity for our own monumental potential.

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