by Naomi on June 30, 2019

IMG_9821Our Family jumped off the status quo train a few years ago, leaving behind a life that no longer lined up, and all the ideas, institutions, jobs and trappings that went with it.

We have radically shifted to become a family of life long learners, trusting our instincts to follow our inner stars. Our lives continue to change as we grow, having more freedom to let go over and over again to focus on what truly matters NOW.

For 10 years my personal growth was found in powerful conversations with small groups of amazing women. In these spaces I found the direction back to myself. I am forever grateful.

I now find my growth and greatest JOY blossoming in my simple life in Hawaii, nurturing myself, my family and a quaint property that welcomes people from all over the world. As I continue to simplify life, it now gives back to me in ways I cannot explain.

My life has gone from a grand vision, to exquisitely real, felt moments, from becoming to being, from longing to deep satisfaction. My inner circle has become smaller and my love for life greater.

My only business plan these days is SERENDIPITY.

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