The Work

by Naomi on June 30, 2019

DSC_1246For a long time I believed the most important ‘work’ I could do was outside my home. Now I know differently. THIS is it. This is truly the greatest impact I can have, at this point in my life. For me, for them and for the WORLD.

At the end of the day there is no praise, no accolades and no shout outs but I can look myself in the eyes and know I have made the difference in the lives of two humans and everyone they come in contact with.

‘Parenting’ is THE toughest, most beautiful ‘work’ I have ever done. Some moments I love and some drop me straight to my knees.

We do not have perfect lives by a long shot but we are learning together that true resiliency does not come from fighting life out there, it comes when we turn to face ourselves in the midst of our greatest challenges and grow into a person we can love because of them.

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