Happy Birth-Day

by Naomi on June 30, 2019


As I head into my 41st year here on this beautiful blue dot, my birthday present to myself is to pause and reflect on my own incredible journey that has lead me to this very moment.

I have had, what I consider, some of the richest experiences with the most amazing people. I have created such great capacity for all of me to exist within, at the same time.

I have stayed true to myself through the ups and downs, the certainty and the doubts, abundance and scarcity, dreams coming true and failures. I have soared and I have fallen. I have grown babies in my body and birthed miracles, built businesses and let them go, held space for my own growth with others, created and been a part of Sisterhood, travelled the world, relocated across the globe and humbly stated over from scratch.

I have witnessed both birth and death, hurt and been hurt, supported and loved and allowed myself to be deeply loved. I have laughed so heartily and cried so hard that I thought my heart and soul would burst wide open. I have come to know myself even deeper through my experience of being woman, daughter, mother, wife, massage therapist, life coach, friend, animal lover, space holder, doula, writer and entrepreneur.

I know what it is to believe and doubt myself, resist and accept myself, love and hate myself, to take risks and to be cautious, to push through and give up on myself, to be uber confident and to have crippling fear, to live a lifestyle and to live a Life, to be open hearted and to protect myself, to rise and collapse in on myself, to feel the greatest joy and the deepest sorrow, to be both selfish and self-less, to remember who I AM and forget it all…in a breath.

All of this to arrive in this moment, face to face with a truth that I know will radically change the course of my life as I have known it.

I am taking my 41st year to simply live like it is my last.

I am retiring from what I know and what I have been taught about building a life to live at a later date. I am no longer building a business, a brand, or having my identity attached to what I ‘do’ for the long term.

The Year to Live program I thought I was offering to others this year has turned out to be the biggest invitation to myself!

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